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Drive your Sales and Customer Loyalty with Wow Customer Xperiences.

Almost everyone sells quality foods. Differentiate your foods with a Nectare Xperience.

Selling on Nectare is Beyond Sales Customer Xperience Customer loyalty Brand Awareness Employee Xperience Marketing Social impact Social credibility

Now, you can focus on preparing delicious meals, while we keep your customers delighted and coming back.

Increase Sales

Signup to get your brand and products listed and start receiving orders.


We create Xperiences that may be added to your brand or products to standout.

Get Reservation

Let customers make table reservations for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Boost Dine In

Unlike other online marketplaces, you will not only sell, we drive customers to your business

Event's Merchandize

Partners get the opportunity to participate in events. Bulk sales, sponsorships etc.

Employee Xperiences

Since employees make things happen, keeping them motivated. is key to growth,

Sell the Nectare Way

Our model attracts both dine in customers and dine out customers. The "Nectare Dine Out" refers to' customers that eat outside your facility. While "Nectare Dine In" refers to customers that eat their meals in your facility

Ex[plore Dine In's. Dine Out. Reservations.

  • Dine In
  • Dine Out
  • Reservation
    1. Customer order your listed meals on Nectare Inn
    2. You take the order, and prepare the meal
    3. Nectare Inn ensures the order is picked up and delivered to the customer.
    4. Nectare makes provisional arrangement for merchants with delivery alternatives
  1. Customer orders listed meals on Nectare Inn or makes a table reservation.
  2. You take the order, prepare the meals and/or confirm the reservation.
  3. The customer arrives and dine in.
  1. Customer book a table reservation for an Xperience in your facility via Nectare platform
  2. You confirm and approve the reservation.
  3. The customer gets notified of approval.
  4. You make the preparations.
  5. The customer arrives and dine in.

How To Start Selling

We set you up in two phases so that you can start quickly.
Phase 1
Enter basic information
You Signup

Select a plan. Fill the merchant signup form. Provide the required basic business Information.

We Setup

Provide your menu or catalog. Get approved, login, receive orders and sel

You Sell
A Nectare representative will contact you to support you and get you started. 
Phase 2
Get Verified
Update Profile

Complete your business profile. Submit the required business documents. Get verified.

Access Resources

Enjoy scheduled training and access to resources to enable you sell and increase sales.

Earn Social Credibility

Boost your brand social value and credibility across society.

Feed Starving, stunted, dying kids.

Gift Kids Meal Tickets

Create a lifesaving and changing experience for kids by giving them at least a meal. An estimated 11.4 percent of Nigerian kids die before the age of five because of food and nutritional problems. Feed a child at least one meal or more daily., weekly or monthly with as little as five hundred naira only.

Xperience Value Beyond Foods!

Foods as an Xperience.

  • Rather than selling meals alone, we can use your meals to grow your business, attract more customers, create customer Xperiences, strengthen relations, build networks, and achieve your business goals. Get a custom solution.
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