Vendor Plans

A network of vendors with diverse cuisines and quality


Vendors affordable to premium meals

Easy Vendors

For vendors with affordable quality meals
Fitted Custom meal prices
  • For vendors who sell or are willing to provide flexible meals that allows citizens to eat on a budget
  • Customizable quality meals
  • Affordable quality meals
  • Meals from as low as ₦400 and above.
  • Serve either or all course from breakfast, to lunch, dinner

Flex Vendors

For vendors with fairly affordable quality meals
Work Place Meals
  • For vendors with fairly affordable quality meals that especially meat workplace needs
  • Customizable workplace meals
  • Healthy meals designed to enhance workplace productivity
  • Affordable quality meals @ ₦1000 or less up to ₦1,500 or more
  • Workplace breakfast meals highly recommended
  • Other meal course fmay include lunch, dinner and/or desert

Executive Vendors

For vendors with class & premium meals.
Treat Xperiences via meal
  • Splendid mix of quality and luxury meals befitting for class citizens.
  • A variety of African and continental meals
  • Exotic locations for dates and meetings.
  • Highly recommended for desert and dinner
  • Other meal course like breakfast and lunch also recommended
  • Great customer Xperience is key
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